Male Cancers

Male Cancer is about more than just Prostate or Testicular Cancer. Men can get Blood Cancer, Lung Cancer, or even Breast Cancer.

Blood <span>Cancer</span>

Blood Cancer

Affects over 25,000 people in the UK each year

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Bone <span>Cancer</span>

Bone Cancer

Swelling around the bone is one possible symptom

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Bowel <span>Cancer</span>

Bowel Cancer

Over 22,000 men are diagnosed every year

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Brain <span>Cancer</span>

Brain Cancer

Can change the way people think, hear, or act

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Breast <span>Cancer</span>

Breast Cancer

Men have breast tissue so can get Breast Cancer too

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Head & Neck <span>Cancer</span>

Head & Neck Cancer

Over 1,100 men die from these in the UK each year

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Liver <span>Cancer</span>

Liver Cancer

Only around 20% survive more than one year

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Lung <span>Cancer</span>

Lung Cancer

One of the most common and most deadliest

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Penile <span>Cancer</span>

Penile Cancer

90% chance of survival if found early

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Prostate <span>Cancer</span>

Prostate Cancer

This is the most common Cancer in men

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Skin <span>Cancer</span>

Skin Cancer

More women get it, but more men die from it

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Stomach <span>Cancer</span>

Stomach Cancer

Citrus fruits and allium veg help reduce the risk

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Testicular <span>Cancer</span>

Testicular Cancer

One of the commonest Cancers in younger men

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