Male Cancers

Male Cancer is about more than just Prostate or Testicular Cancer. Men can get Blood Cancer, Lung Cancer, or even Breast Cancer. The list of Cancers on this page is by no means exhaustive, but offers a window into a number of Cancers that can affect men.

Blood <span>Cancer</span>

Blood Cancer

Affects over 25,000 people in the UK each year

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Bone <span>Cancer</span>

Bone Cancer

Swelling around the bone is one possible symptom

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Bowel <span>Cancer</span>

Bowel Cancer

Over 22,000 men are diagnosed every year

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Brain <span>Cancer</span>

Brain Cancer

Can change the way people think, hear, or act

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Breast <span>Cancer</span>

Breast Cancer

Men have breast tissue so can get Breast Cancer too

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Head & Neck <span>Cancer</span>

Head & Neck Cancer

Over 1,100 men die from these in the UK each year

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Liver <span>Cancer</span>

Liver Cancer

Only around 20% survive more than one year

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Lung <span>Cancer</span>

Lung Cancer

One of the most common and most deadliest

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Penile <span>Cancer</span>

Penile Cancer

90% chance of survival if found early

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Prostate <span>Cancer</span>

Prostate Cancer

This is the most common Cancer in men

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Skin <span>Cancer</span>

Skin Cancer

More women get it, but more men die from it

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Stomach <span>Cancer</span>

Stomach Cancer

Citrus fruits and allium veg help reduce the risk

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Testicular <span>Cancer</span>

Testicular Cancer

One of the commonest Cancers in younger men

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